Question Monitor Flickering on Dark colors

Feb 8, 2021
so i bought an EG Gaming 144hz monitor and ive had it for about 3 months now and all of a sudden it has started this weird flickering, a flickering that i dont think ive seen before.

at first when i bought the monitor i noticed a bit of a defect with some blue pixels coming through when playing on 1920x1080 and the same slight flickering was happening but now this flickering has become extremely irritating as when i play it makes the game very dark, ive tried lots of solutions but nothing seems to work, i also know it isnt a PC issue as when i coonected my Xbox one to test it out the same issue was occuring, any possible solutions?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You should include a video of what you're seeing, to help strengthen your claims of what you're seeing. You might need said form of documentation to show the seller or the brand of the issue in order to initiate an RMA.

Regardless, how are you connected to the panel? What is the make and model of your GPU? What is the make and model of your PSU and it's age?