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Question Monitor flickering, vertical lines, and white screen


Sep 6, 2016
Monitor: Asus VZ239H

I was playing videogames on my pc when suddenly my monitor dimmed slightly and distorted with vertical lines(i think its vertical lines judging from what ive seen online), and some flickering then the whole display just turns white for a second then displays again then goes white again on and on.

I unplugged and plugged again the HDMI cable but still the same. Then I unplugged the HDMI, turned off the monitor then turned it on again to see if its the monitor, the Asus logo has a white shade like continuous duplication of the logo above it. So it was the display that's problematic.

So is it worth the cost of fixing this type of issue with a technician or am I better off buying a new monitor? Was hoping that the fix doesn't involve replacing the whole display, which maybe too expensive. Thanks in advance :D