Question Monitor for gaming and hobby related activities (video and drawing) ?


Oct 19, 2014
I've been looking for a new 1920x1080 24 inch monitor to upgrade from my old samsung S24B300 24 inch. But I'm unsure about what to pick. I'm going to use it mostly for gaming and occasionally for light video work. In the form of matching audio up to video.

However, another thing that I am planning on doing is to pick up digital drawing as a hobby. And from my understanding I should get a monitor with an SRGB percentage of 70% or better. For such a purpose. At least when its only for a hobby.

I realise that using one screen for such a wide selection of activites, while still keeping it on a budget will require me to sacrifice certain things. But my primary use is gaming, while the rest is secondary hobby related activites. But I'd really like a monitor that shows color in a good way. Considering my SRGB requirement.

The ones I have been looking at are the following:

BenQ Mobiuz EX2510

ViewSonic XG2405

MSI Optix G242 (Skeptical about tihs one as well, since it uses the same new panel as the AOC)

AOC 24g2 (A bit skeptical about this one now, since AOC changed the panel and some people aren't that impressed with the new panel)

Asus TUF Gaming VG259Q, VG249Q1R, VG259QR

Bascially they are all IPS, all have freesync, and a refresh rate of 144hz (Except the VG249Q1R and VG259QR). Its a bit tricky for me to list up a budget in USD, when prices where I live often are way higher than they are in the US. But all of these are around my budget range. Freesync is not a must, but I'm trying to be realistic in the sense that G-sync monitors often are more expensive.
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