Question Monitor getting "no signal" after turning on &/or waking up PC twice

Nov 27, 2019
A few days ago I restarted my PC, but the monitor displayed "no signal" then went to sleep, however the PC itself was on and running fine.
I then proceeded to look up different solutions and I've tried several.

- Replace the VGA/DVI cable: After I tried this and the monitor worked again; however, after I tried to turn on the PC a third time (it had worked twice after I switched the cables), it displayed "no signal" yet again.

- Unplug the PC and hold down the power button for 60 seconds: I tried this twice and it worked the second time, but again, after turning on the PC a third time it displayed "no signal". after this I tried the method of unplugging and holding down the power button for 60 seconds again to no avail. Something I've noticed is that most of the times I've tried this, the monitor actually displayed the computer starting up to a specific point. It would show "Analog" at the bottom right of my screen which is what it usually shows whenever I turn on the PC normally, then instead of showing "no signal" it will show the logo of the MSI 970A-G46 military class thing, then it will cut back to "no signal" and the monitor will go back to sleep.

- Check for loose cables/wires: There are no loose cables/wires.

- Leaving the computer alone for a few hours: This has worked twice; however, it goes back to showing "no signal" after turning it on for the third time.

-Update drivers: I've already checked and the drivers are up to date.

Right now I suspect it's an issue with hardware on my PC rather than my monitor, or software. I used my monitor on a different PC and it worked perfectly so the monitor is not at fault. I don't think it's a problem with my graphics card as when the PC does work it works completely fine, including games. I'm going to eventually try to clean it out using a can of compressed air and I might check to see if cleaning the RAM sticks might fix it.

Any help/advice would be welcomed, but right now I don't have the specs of my PC other than I'm using a NVIDIA graphics card, an EVGA 750w power supply, and an MSI 970A-G46. I occasionally have access to the PC as it does occasionally turn on correctly however the monitor will not come on after turning it on the third time.



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