Question Monitor gives intermittent black screen ?

Michael Crivello

Apr 27, 2014
I bought an VGA to HDMI adapter for workafter I accidently broke the flat screen monitor that I had sent out for work--
which works for the VGA cord that I have with the monitor except that it keeps going black and then displaying correctly
intermittently and it's driving me crazy. I've even tried swapping the
monitor for a different VGA corded monitor and it does the same thing. How can I fix this tp work with a VGA corded monitor?

Thanks in advanced.
Passive VGA to HDMI is not going to work on 99.9999999999999999999999999999% of monitors since VGA is analogue and HDMI is digital only. Only in some extreme edge cases with very old monitors will this work reliably. If you absolutely must use a VGA output from the computer and I Resolutely implore you to use literally any other connector, get an active VGA to HDMI convertor like this one