Question Monitor goes black, Sound continues/loops. Only when playing on a higher Resolution.


Aug 15, 2016
I have been having this issue the past whole year and it has been coming and going for months, last time this occured often was last autumn and before that it was in May.
It usually happens when I play fullscreen mode with above 50% Render and above 1600x900 Resolution.
I have no idea why it happens and I have tried absolutely anything that there is to find about this issue on the known forums.
Nothing seems to work (except I haven't gotten any new hardware because I can't afford it)

The monitor goes black and seems to run into sleep mode, The fans go crazy in the PC and sometimes I can still speak with my friends in Discord/Ingame, I can hear them talking ingame even but the actual "sound effects" start looping untill the voices start looping aswell.
I have checked temps and they're all fine.
Cleaned and reinstalled drivers with DDU.
I have ran furmark and PC does not crash on highest settings.
As said this only happens in full screen, I can run the higher settings and not crash in windowed mode for some reason (1080p, 100% render)

I beg you guys help me with this, I am so bad with computers and need this to be fixed. If you can pinpoint any hardware that would fix with a replace I would be extremely happy.
Oh, there is nothing in Event Viewer but "kernal power"