Question Monitor goes into standby, then on, repeating indefinitely upon locking pc or shutting it down

Jul 18, 2022
Hey everybody,
I've been having a problem with my AOC G2460PF monitor.
Whenever I shut down my pc, the monitor will go into standby (which is normal) with an amber/orange led indication.
Then after a few seconds, it turns on with the normal green led indication, even though the rest of the pc and my other monitor (other brand) is off.
This will keep repeating until I either turn it off with the power button or pull the plug completely.
From what I'm noticing, this only happens after I've used the pc for a while (more than a few hours), and it sometimes doesn't happen when it's only been on briefly (less than an hour).
It's connected using DisplayPort.
Any solution would be greatly appreciated.


What's your reason for using Display Port vs. HDMI ?
Unplug the cable from PC when it's off. See if the same thing happens.
If yes, go through the monitor menu, see if you can shut down 'scanning for connection' or something similar suggesting it does.