Question "Monitor going to sleep" after boot (HP LV1911)

Dec 13, 2020
I just bought some new components and build the pc myself. The monitor (only have VGA port), keyboard and mouse are old.
I don't have a GPU.
My build is msi b450 gaming pro carbon max wifi, amd ryzen 3 3100, g.skill trident z rgb 8gb*2, wd blue 1tb 7.2k rpm, cooler master mwe 550 bronze and a cheap case with two fans (one doesn't work).
My motherboard's I/O panel doesn't have a VGA port (only HDMI port), so I connected a "HDMI to VGA adapter" to the I/O panel and a VGA cable to the adapter and to the monitor. And connected the power cable of the monitor to the socket. Now, when I supply power to the pc the "EZ DEBUG LED" in the motherboard blinks red beside the labels called cpu then ram then vga then boot (I think it means those are available and working well) but the monitor shows "Monitor going to sleep" and goes to standby mode or something similar. As my HDD is new, there's no windows installed. I'm thinking about using a bootable usb to install windows.
This is my first pc build. So, I think I messed up something. Also, while building the pc one of my leg touched the floor for half of a second and linus said something about ESD, but the motherboard rgbs are blinking the way they should be so I think the board is okay.
I'm sorry if I can't explain the problem properly, I need HELP!