Question Monitor has a chip in it. What are my options to repair it?


Sep 25, 2017
So a few days ago I moved my PC out of my college apartment back to my home and ran into a problem. My main monitor (MSI 31.5" Optix AG32CQ) now has what appears to be a chip in almost the middle of the screen. It's very small but it drives me crazy as I bought the monitor about a year ago because my other monitor developed a dead pixel in the middle of it. The chip is only a couple of millimeters wide but the screen in that area just appears white and im wondering what my options are to fix this issue. I'll upload a picture of it for reference but it probably wont be the highest quality so I apologize. Ive tried a couple of different things so far. I messaged MSI about a potential RMA and they put me "on hold" (im still in warranty btw). I also tried using Vaseline to repair it as I found alot of people saying that helped when I looked on google, but it did not work for me. Im just wondering if a) I can fix it myself somehow b) There is someone I can send it to to have the screen either replaced or repaired or c) am I just SOL?

Thank you for any help

This is a link to the photo of my monitor: