Question Monitor has signal, but a black screen

Sep 22, 2021
Hi, my Monitor suddenly started to turn black. My OperatingSystem recieves the signal from the monitor, and I can mouse over the area, move windows to it and everything, but I only have the black screen.
The Monitor does show the start-up Labels like "ACER" and "Energy-Start". The display itself seems to work. however, the menu on the Monitor does not work .
So I was tired, unplugged it (again) and slept a night. The next evening, I gave it another shot, and it worked. But sometimes, the screen shortly went black for like 0.7s - 1.3s seconds.
This "worked" for around 2 days. Then it went black again, without returning an image.
This was a few weeks ago, I tried it out now again, I got no image. But as I'am writing this, I see the mintor gets a Image, every now and then for a duration of 0.15s~ish (So I cant even tell if its an actual Desktop-Image, because when it happens and I look over, its gone again)
When I referred to "sometimes" or "every now and then", it includes, that the time-delay inbetween the events where different. => No constant time-delay. (So I get an image, for 0.15s after 10min of it running, and than after half n hour, than after 40s, and so on.. )

Things I have tried out:
  • Use different cables and ports on graphiccard and monitor (switched from HDMI-HDMI to Display-Port-DP) => still black screen [if you are wondering, the monitor switches inbeween all ports until it find a signal, so no menu requiered]
  • tried out the old cable with a different monitor on a different computer (Mac) and it worked
My guess is, a internal hardware defect.
I dont think it can me anything heat-related, since then it should work, after freshly turning it on, after it was off for a night.
Any ideas?