Question Monitor has stopped working properly

Dec 31, 2019
A week ago I bought a new monitor so that I can have dual monitor setup.
My graphics card has 1 HDMI and 3 DisplayPorts. I had the old monitor (working perfectly for about 5 years) plugged in the HDMI (using HDMI - HDMI cable) from the day I got that card and when I bought the new one I plugged it to the DisplayPort using DisplayPort - HDMI cable.

Today I came home, started my PC only to find out that the old one doesnt work (no signal). So I switched the cables, new monitor was working fine and old one started but only with resolution 640x480 locked (greyed out in monitor setting). I tried many guides but nothing worked.
I also noticed that in device manager both monitors are named as "Generic PnP monitor" which Im not sure was all the time.

When I tried the old monitor with another PCs, at first it started with low resolution but it could been changed to normal. It also was black when the PC was booting which is happening with my PC too.

Do you have any idea how to fix that? In the worst case, do you thing reseting PC to factory settings would help?

New one - Samsung S22F350
Old one - Acer s242hl

Graphics card - AMD Radeon RX 590

Edit: In Settings>Display>Advanced settings>Display adapter properties>List all modes is only "640 x 480, True Color (32 bits), 60 Hz" mode
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