Question Monitor HDMI issues

Mar 29, 2019
Hey ,
I have a Dell ST2420lb monitor(not sure of it's size ,probably looks like a 21inch), and I have a assembled PC (core i5, 8gigs ram ,2gb nvidia zotac 610 graphics card,Ubuntu) and Asus laptop and a raspberry pi running OSMC(A linux distro running KODI for a media server). When i connect the dell monitor to the PC through a VGA cable(both through the motherboard port as well as the vga port on the graphics card) , it works . When i connected them using a hdmi cable it does not display anything . But when i connect the raspberry pi to the monitor through the hdmi cable it works (also tried with another hdmi cable same results) and finally when i connected my ASUS laptop to the display through the HDMI port it does not display anything(changed through the different modes like extend ,duplicate also and all the display drivers in my laptop are updated). I cant seem to find where the problem is and i dont have another hdmi monitor test this with.......can someone help me how to make this work?