Question Monitor is connected to nvidia gpu but laptop display isnt how to fix it?


Aug 17, 2019
Just to clarify this is a laptop problem, anyway just as the title says the monitor is connected to my nvidia gpu but the integrated laptop display is connected to my intel gpu.
How do i make it so my laptop display gets connected to the nvidia gpu too? Just to clarify i dont want to have both connected to the nvidia gpu at the same time im only using either the laptop with or without the monitor when i use the monitor i turn off the laptop display with Win + P.

The reason im asking is because the monitor feels smooth and has no screen tearing and doesnt feel laggy but the laptop display looks and feels broken and i think that might be because its connected to the intel gpu and i never want to use it ever again but every week im going to be living 5 days near my school and 2 days in my parents house and my parents dont want me to carry the monitor with me when i go to and from home because they think someone will steal it on the way so i have to use the laptop display at some point every week.

Every response is appreciated.