Question Monitor is working but screen goes black after 1 second.

May 1, 2022
So, I've been running the same hardware for years. Windows 8.1 64x, Lenovo 10181, I5-4460, 3.2Ghz, 4 core, 20G ram, Nvidia GForce GTX 1070, 18G VRAM. A couple days ago, my monitor decides it doesn't want to stay on for more than a second. Computer is running fine, I can cycle power on the monitor over and over, each time I get a 1 second window to click stuff and check. After two days, I gave up and did a factory reset of the computer back to factory new. Re-installed updates, drivers, etc. The display works fine on motherboard VGA to an old monitor, but as soon as I install the video cardS (Plural), and multiple monitors, multiple cords and cord types.......same thing, computer is running fine in the background, monitorS (Plural) go black after 1 second.