Monitor jabbled upon w7 installation


Sep 12, 2011
has anyone had any problem with doing a clean install(windows xp pro to w7 home premium. I cannot finish install due to a monitor jabbled screen only upon completion of installation. my monitor is rather old around 10years old, could this be a driver problem.

OK, what is Jabble? And what video card are you using, what are your PC specs, did you mean upgrade install from XP or a clean install of win7 from a formatted/empty disk. Did you run the win7 upgrade tool to see if all devices are supported? What else is in your PC that might be fighting with your video card? Do you have both video card and integrated video?


Literary usage of Jabble

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"And soon Big Bill was aboard — and if he did'nt soon clear her decks there's never no snakes in Virginny—' jabble, Jab- ble,' you'd hear Crappo cry ..."

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"Is there therefore no certain and regular flow in the tides, but only a universal jabble ? The whole system of the world from the whirling planets in the ..."