Question Monitor just stopped working, can't even get the OSD menu to appear ?


Oct 2, 2019
Oh my I am at it again, this time with a screen issue. Nothing changed recently with my PC.

I went to bed the other night with a very fine PC. The next afternoon I went to get some work done and now the monitor does not work! The monitor is a VIOTEK GNV34DBE 34" Ultrawide. There is no display but my computer still detects the monitor and the backlight works. I am unable to get even the OSD menu to show, which suggests it's a monitor issue.

I am running a:
GTX 1070ti,
MSI Z97 Gaming 5

I am currently running off of my wife's monitor connected to the GPU. All ports work with this monitor. I have tried my monitor using all of the display ports and HDMI ports on both the GPU and rear of the monitor. Like I said, when plugged in, my PC detects it under display setting and I can change the settings from there but nothing on the monitor. When I do make a change, I see it responds with the backlight cutting out for a second before it refreshes the display to the newly applied setting...but no actual display...just a lit up black screen.

Is this monitor toast? It is about 2ish years old. My previous monitors were a dual display running 24\7 for about 6-7 years and still running strong with a friend that bought them. I disassembled the monitor and ensured all connections inside were tight and did not see any scorching on the boards...


Is this monitor toast? It is about 2ish years old.

I'd say so.
Also, that's what is expected from Viotek.

VIOTEK GNV34DBE 34" Ultrawide

Viotek sells cheap Chinese monitors. So, while you pay little for it, it also doesn't last long. Common for cheap stuff.

Either buy another cheap monitor, or buy a good monitor this time, that lasts for several years (perhaps even decade or two).

I disassembled the monitor

With this, you can't make any warranty claim. Though, it came with 3 years of warranty.