Question Monitor keeps switching on and off

May 1, 2020
So i got an HP 6200 SFF and just got a brand new GT 1030, also i got Dell E1914H Monitors. However my GT 1030 only has DVI and HDMI and my monitors are VGA so I have active converters. The main issue is when both are connected to the Graphics card the monitor will turn black on the right monitor and switch desktop sides, as in the whole desktop moves, I can't figure out why.
-Yes ive updated Drivers (GT 1030 and monitor drivers)
-Attemtped to rollback drivers
Tried removing integrated

Im at my wits end and can't figure this out.
Thank you.
I just reset my pc and it stopped, still have NVIDIA Driver.
Nevermind it came back when i was in a game fullscreen.
I swear to god im about to smash my 1030, i can't figure out why the heck it is doing this stupid crap. Ive tried everything, uninstalling drivers, rolling back, windows reset, hell even standard drivers but nothing.
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