Question Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and USB turn off during game play, Really need some help please.

Jan 24, 2020
Hello guys, I am at wits end here, I have a disabled friend who's PC's i have been looking after for over 10 years. He is house bound most of time, and his gaming is one the very few outlets he has and he can't game atm. I am getting somewhat rather desperate here as i will be in another country for next few months after tomorrow.

So here is the issue, While playing some games like Dota2, Civ6, and Borderlands 3 and others. the monitor, keyboard and mouse and wired Xbox 360 controller all suddenly turn off. they don't come back on, but the system is still running, power to motherboard, graphic card and CPU, I have to hard reset to get it back to normal, and there seems to be no way to fix this.

The specs are

Ryzen 2700x
32gb DDR4 3200mhz
RX580 Sapphire Nitro
b450m ds3h
VS650 watt PSU
Scandisk 240 SSD
2 TB WD Green

Peripherals are

Cyborg V.5 keyboard
Razor Trinity Mouse
Official Xbox360 wired control pad
Hyper X cloud Headset USB

What i have done so far,

I reinstalled windows, official windows version no mods, Updated the Motherboard Bios latest version and all the drivers to latest versions

After doing some testing and reading up, I though i was PSU, So i have replaced this with bran new one

Then suspected the motherboard so i replaced this with a brand new version of the same model

I was reading about Hyper X cloud cuasing some issues, after the windows update, So i update the firmware and tried using the 3.5mm jack on motherboard rather than USB Soundcard that it comes with.

Check thermal past and temperatures during game play and during the crash, GPU never gets above 75c and CPU is never above 45c when it crashes.

None of these have fixed the issue and it still doing it the same crash, and I am some what confused what would be causing this now, as motherboard and PSU were the most likely causes?

Have i missed something here as I am really running out of ideas and time, I have spare graphics card and i am about to test that, but though i would ask here just encase someone can suggest something i have missed.

Really appreciate some help here as i am getting to limits of my knowledge. thanks
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Jan 24, 2020
OK, quick update,

I have replaced the Graphics card and it seems to be stable, and cannot get it to crash now, so it would seem it was graphics card that was causing the monitors to turn off, but turning off all the UBS ports on motherboard too, i am very confused, but hey I have at least solved the issue and though i would give update as i hope it helps others in my situation.