Question monitor lines after turn on

Mar 21, 2019
heres a trick one samsung freesync 27 gaming mointor
does not like being turned off , once off for a period of time or put to sleep and turn it on again will have lines and patterns and non responsive. turn off once twice or so back on comes correct and can use it for many days with out issue seems it would be fine good screen as long as not turned off. it hates being turned off. when pc turned off hdmi sign flys around the screen for number mins until itself goes into screen sleep mode sleep mode. then once turned back on problem occurs. i have a retired technician that could replace parts but need to know what this issue and the cause and why, anyone have any light on this?
read instructions dont have power cord in turned on with out hdmi cable connected, maybe this was the cause. i got sold few months old led screen only to find it got issue. any help?
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