Monitor loses signal after Nvidia Driver Install


Sep 9, 2011
So I got a new rig with an Nvidia GTS 450 and everything has been up and running save for the video card itself (currently using onboard one).

After I install the drivers, everything starts running as usual, BIOS loads up and then the "Starting Windows" splash screen. However, right after that screen is gone, it gets a BSOD.

I kept trying with older drivers, and so far I've I found a version of the drivers for the card that do not cause a BSOD after the Starting Windows screen (ver. 275.33 specifically) At that point though, the monitor loses signal, yet you can still hear the Windows start up noise as it would normally play. I have tried plugging in the monitor in both DVI ports, but the monitor remains with no signal.

I can go into Safe Mode just fine, though I cannot start Windows normally without uninstalling the card. I am using a 20 inch Asus LED VE208 monitor.

Motherboard = AMD 880G AM3 DDR3
CPU = AMD Athlon II X3 440 3.0GHz Triple Core
Memory = 8GB DDR3 1333MHz G-Skill RipJaws
Power Supply = HEC HP485D 485W ATX
Running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


Jun 23, 2010
start window in safe mode or vga mod (vga recomended if starts ok) uninstall drives if already installed again restart in same mode go to device manager gts 450 properties update drives from specific location where u have kept them in your directory. Hop his may solve problem , as per what you are saying monitor lossing signal, but it isn't. Your installed generic drives in gts 450 giving it command to boot in higher resolutions than your monitors maximum supports or or giving out of rang refreshing rate..