Monitor loses signal only when gaming


Jan 6, 2017
i5 4460, hyper 212 led cooler
Rx 580 8gb gigabyte gaming
1x 8gb ddr3 hyperx blue
msi h81m p33 board
Aerocool kcas 500w psu ( comes with the case)

All are bought on December 2016 except the gpu bought on June 2017

Ever since october 25 it was all working fine and flawless now my Monitor is not receiving signal when gaming/Benchmarking it would last for like 5 minutes then boom NO SIGNAL, pc would stay on, forcing me to hard restart it ONLY when gaming tho.

Never OC'ed it. Temps seems pretty normal too, 42°C on idle and max temp while gaming never reached 80°C, flat lining on 75°C on nba 2k19 (ulra settings) and rainbow six siege (very high settings) the only games i've been playing the most before the problem occured. CPU temps are normal as well. Passed stress test.

I just wanna make sure that my gpu is fine, haven't tested it yet to another pc. I brought it to a friend but he has no 8pin on his psu.

Although when i underclock the gpu to its lowest core and memory clock, it significantly delayed it from losing its signal to the monitor (lasted for like 45 mins) So is it the power supply? Considering that its from aerocool and kinda old and the problem is only occuring when demanding power from the heavy loading of the games