Question Monitor loses signal upon booting windows

Oct 14, 2021
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700
Motherboard: AB350-HDV
GPU: Galax gtx 1660
PSU 600w

I opened my pc for a general cleaning and when i put everything together when the pc starts windows and spins that circle like three times the video signals goes off the only thing i can actually access is BIOS. Here is what i tried so far:

-Tried GPU in other motherboard (works fine)
-Tried SSD in other motherboard (works fine)
-Tried ram in other motherboard (works fine)
-Take off the lithium battery for 10 minutes
-Resetting cmos
-Different GPU (when the video goes off my gtx 1660 fan goes crazy on 100% rpm so i thought that was the problem but i tried a 1050 TI and still the same problem but without the fan going crazy, i guess it was some sort of protection of 1660 when something is wrong speeds up the fan)
I also tried booting windows from a pendrive without the SSD so i can check if windows was the problem and in the first screen to select languages, version the video goes off and GPU spins...

my co-worker gave me a motherboard with an intel CPU and his PSU 450W and i tried, guess what, works fine all the components it loads windows perfectly i also tried with my PSU and still works. That made me thinking it was the CPU but that doesnt make sense cause how would i enter BIOS if my cpu is broken...
so i guess is the motherboard but WHAT could cause that. Im really running out of options 😓