Question Monitor Loses Signal

Jun 26, 2020
I haven't been able to purposely replicate the problem, but I have twice now lost signal to my monitor.
Few key points, I just installed an i7 3770 upgrading from i5 2400

This may be relevant as I am mildly concerned I am lacking adequate power with the upgrade and wonder if this is related, full specs will follow

Both instances were while using Opera
The most recent was as I was messing with the sidebar, specifically the FBM tool
I believe the first may have been a similar situation
Neither case was the system under load(less than 50% resource use estimated)
Multiple tabs open
I can play games, push to 100% intermittent consistent with most/all resources for extended periods without having this happen
Ideas? Based on specs below, am i within power needs(I believe I am, if just)? Perhaps some sort of weird conflict? I considered GPU failure but it is still getting power based on fans running, I'm not getting indications of system restart, and as I said, I can push the whole system, including GPU, without this happening(so far).

Mobo: P8H61-l R2.0
CPU: i7-3770
GPU: GTX 660Ti
PSU: C.Master 500 Bronze
HDDx2 5400rpm
Case: Thermaltake Core V1 Mini
CPU Cooling: C.Master Hyper 212 Evo(I believe)
Fans: 200mm Draw, 2 80mm Exhaust, 120(?)mm CPU tower. GPU has 2 120mm(?) direction uncertain, I believe it is exhaust to side.