Question Monitor loses source for a split second when another device is turned on


Feb 11, 2019
As the title says. I have an RX 580 8GB Nitro+ and a Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 650W psu and across 3 monitors and 3 cable types ( hdmi, displayport, hdmi>dvi ) this has been happening..
It happens when i for example turn on the TV, and it can happen randomly while doing anything on the PC.

I though it was my electricity so i bought an AVR which can store power for a couple of seconds if it goes out and power levels don't change when it happens..

I don't know how it works but could it possibly be amperage or something? I think all of my devices ( pc, monitor, speakers, tv ) are connected to the same power phase ( i have three phase power but the installations are kind of old ).

I just got a new monitor ( Asus VG279Q ) so it's not the monitor itself. I also tried switching cables/ports but same thing..

Also, forgot to mention. This has been happening for years, with different kinds of gpus/power supplies.
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