Question Monitor no longer receiving signal through HDMI, mouse no longer working through any USB port

Feb 16, 2019
So I've just moved house and set up my PC in my new room. All worked perfectly for the first few days. However, when I moved my desk approximately 500mm to the side in order to hang a tapestry up on the wall behind it, I ran into some peculiar issues.

Firstly, my monitor is no longer receiving any signal from my pc
Secondly, my Razr mouse is not working/powering up at all in any of the USB ports (keyboard still works fine and powers up in any USB port). I have checked my mouse with other pc's and works fine with them.
My pc still boots up and monitor still switches on, just doesn't receive any signal

For my monitor signal I'm going from my motherboard's hdmi out, seeing as my gpu has been playing up. And I've made sure to boot from integrated graphics rather than gpu in BIOS.
Basically my setup was all working fine until I moved my desk slightly. I'm guessing it's a problem with the motherboard?

Any fix suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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