Question Monitor no signal on MB or GPU

Feb 19, 2019
I have frankensteined a PC from old parts which after the famous 'turns of after 3 seconds' problem started running solidly after shuffling a bit with the (unoriginal) RAM. The fact it does run now makes me (possibly falsely) conclude the RAM is compatible. The problem I have now is that neither the VGA nor the DVI on de MB give a signal and the two DVI's on the GPU do turn the monitor to digital mode but give a black screen. I suspect this may be only because of the registered port being used by anything.

I did try unplugging the GPU to check the MB ports but no signal. Also tried multiple VGA cables on the MB, don't have other DVI's. Also the holding power button reset, CMOS reset through battery all did not work. I am very inexperienced as this is my first PC to even screw open and would like to exclude any possible solutions before moving on and purchasing parts/scrapping the project. Thank you.

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Supposedly the PC was running but the hard drive and RAM were removed, the GPU wasn't present but from the history of the PC i suspect it has integrated graphics. Would the first step involve purchasing heat paste and checking this?
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