Question Monitor not coming out of sleep mode

Mar 28, 2020
I’ve got a prebuilt cyberpowerpc which is almost a year old. Have had quite a few issues with it so far.

the other night I gamed for a couple hours then went to sleep. I left my pc on as I tend to do quite often. At some point the next day I needed to look something up online. PC looked normal, leds on, fans spinning, etc. Clicked my mouse and nothing happened. Hit a ket on the keyboard, nothing happened.

I’ve tried unplugging and checking all power and monitor cables. Also tried rebooting my pc as well as entirely unplugging it and holding the power button for 30 seconds, letting it sit for a few minutes before plugging in and booting it. Nothing.

it’s got a Gigabyte motherboard and there’s an orange led on (no flickering, stays on). I’ve read that these mobos have an orange led that persists anytime the pc is in sleep mode though I never noticed it before (could definitely be an oversight on my part).

I’ve checked to make sure the RAM and graphics card were plugged in completely.

I’m not sure what to check next and not sure what could have happened overnight while nobody was around to cause the issue in the first place. Any ideas on what I should check out would be very much appreciated.