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Question Monitor Not Detected in Windows After Switching Input (HDMI/DisplayPort)


Jan 15, 2017
I have three ASUS PG279Qs connected to my PC with DisplayPort (to a 2080 Ti), and I have an issue with one of them that also has an HDMI connection for other devices.

I can load into Windows fine and the monitors will not be a black screen, as long as the deep sleep is disabled on all the monitors for both HDMI and DisplayPort. However, if I ever use the HDMI as the input for my monitor before booting the PC or switching to HDMI while the PC is in use (using the OSD) I will be unable to switch back to DisplayPort because it simply says on the monitor no input detected.

This issue can be partially resolved, as long as Windows still recognises that there are three monitors attached, I can simply either refresh the drivers with Windows+CTRL+SHIFT+B or I can go into NVIDIA Control Panel, adjust the refresh rate of the monitor and cancel the change. This is fine, however if I continue to change to HDMI once more and try to do this trick to get the DisplayPort working again then it will fail every time, since Windows no longer recognises three inputs, and the only resolution is to restart the computer.

This isn't that useful to me, as I would like to switch often between HDMI (which is connected to an HDMI switch) and DisplayPort (my PC).

The solution that also partially fixes the issue after switching between HDMI and DisplayPort also has its own problems, for example a game might load fine, but every few seconds will black screen, as if there is something weird with the signal, until I restart the computer and have the monitors in their natural state.

If necessary I can elaborate more on what else is in my set up as it is quite complicated, however the main connections are listed.