Question Monitor not displaying after installing new motherboard

Aug 11, 2020
Hey, so I made a couple threads awhile ago about my pc randomly restarting after I installed a new motherboard, well no one could really help me with that so I decided that the constant restarts were enough and I was gonna install my old motherboard. So I dedicated today to installing it and everything went ok seeing how this was my first time but my monitor won't connect. Usually I would have used the on board hdmi cable to display the bios and everything but this motherboard doesn't have one, when I plug the hdmi into the graphics card the monitor turns on but it doesn't display anything so it KNOWS that there's something there.

Let me answer a couple obvious questions before anyone posts anything...

Yes everything is seated correctly
Yes the cord is fine
Yes the monitor is fine
Yes ram is fine
Yes psu is fine
Yes the pc turns on and everything has power
This IS my first time doing this so I may have put a cord in wrong somewhere in the motherboard but any help would be nice thanks!