Question Monitor not getting signal after changing Nvidia control panel!!

Sep 27, 2023
I just changed the HDMI cable and it worked lol... turns out the HDMI was messed up inside...
I changed my nvidia control panel settings according to this video


and right after I hit apply my monitor lost connection to the graphics card...

But windows still launches and i here the windows 11
Is there any way to reset those setting without using a monitor?

My setup:-
monitor: Samsung s22e390H
Graphics card: 1650 super
Processor: Ryzen 5 2600X
Motherboard : B450M A pro max
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Jun 1, 2017
That's actually a common thing that happens to specific displays. It happened to me a few years ago actually. I was thinking of tweaking NVCP to a certain way and when I applied; it went unresponsive and wouldn't display and image whatsoever. All I did was what you didn't want to do is use a second display and reset the settings lol. With that said some display don't like it when NVCP doesn't want to cooperate with it on certain settings being changed. I see your Mobo has a built in onboard. Have you tried plugging it into that to see if it displays? If not try it or use a different port or cable. Also I should've said this in the beginning but I'll say it here. Don't use NIS unless you have a really good GPU. The fact that I'm saying this is cuz I've seen as well as had problems with using NIS cuz it's kinda pointless to me what with having a 40 series card that allows upscaling on it's own. With that said the problem was NIS as not only it affects games but also your display itself add more pixel density to the image(s) displayed. So consider what I said and hope it for thoughts......................................
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