Question Monitor not getting signal when PC powers on

Oct 2, 2019
I haven’t been able to figure out what my PC’s problem is for the past few months. My PC used to work fine. It would boot up and run good when ever I turned it on. Over time it slowly got less reliable. As days went on I would go to start up my PC and the monitors would immediately go into “power saving mode”. I would just turn my PC off and turn it back on and it would work fine. The more days went on the more this problem became an issue and the more I’d have to shut off then re power up the PC to finally get it to work. I’m not at the point to where no matter how many times I power off and back on the monitor will always go into “power saving mode” it won’t even pull up BIOS. I’m assuming my PC just isn’t booting anymore I think that because my keyboard and mouse have RGB and when I power on they don’t light up, I’ve tried VGA/DVI on my gpu and still just says “power saving mode” on my monitor.ive tried the HDMI on both the gpu and the mobo and still no fix, I tried on more then one monitor too. When I turn on the PC the fans, gpu fans, and cpu cooler fan spin up along with the RGB fans. So it’s getting power and everything plugged in so I’m lost and have no idea what the problem is.