Monitor NOT picking up Hd 7870


Aug 10, 2012
I finished my computer build over a month back and ever since it seems that my graphics card wasn't sending out a signal as immediately as the first bootup. It would take ATLEAST 3 to 4 tries to get the picture on the monitor. At first we thought it may have been the 7 year old monitor, so we got a new Samsung sync master ( it was my birthday anyways) and plugged it in, nothing happened (HDMI) we then plugged the monitor into the Mobos graphics. It worked, but only in 800x800. We then reinstalled the cards drivers, restarted, everything we could think of. I'm out of ideas if I don't get any fixes r suggestions to help out, my dad has a co worker who knows a lot about these types of things on Thursday.
Any help will benefit. Thank you
Wyatt M
with the intel mb they set the ipgpu as the first video device. go into the bios and set it to peg or pcie. also check that your mb is running the newest bios. also under the video display adaptor if your not going to use the onboard video you can turn it off.