Monitor not turning on immediately [Solved]

Sep 26, 2020
Recently I've been getting strange issues with my monitor. Whenever I boot up my system the monitor doesn't start up it just blinks with blue light and after around 10 minutes it turns on and blue stays solid. The model of the monitor I'm not sure but it's from Samsung. I've already confirmed with a technician that it isn't because of my graphics card or similar. Could this be an issue because of the cable/monitor or something else?

Note: The technician I mentioned only checked my pc and not the monitor itself. Because I suspected it could be related to GPU but from what he said it isn't

Note: After it finds the signal it works normally and doesn't lose connection it only happens when I start booting up the pc. The power plan was set to high performance and I haven't tested it if it was set to balanced yet. If it turns out that was the issue I'll let you know but until then let me know some other things that may cause the problem. Thanks in advance

Note: It still does the same thing even when the power plan was set to balanced.

Update: I contacted another technician about the problem and it turned out it really was my GPU that was the problem due the fact it's an old one. The previous one didn't understand when I explained the problem so he wasn't paying attention to it and just marked it as not the problem.
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