Monitor off physx card

Unless he is willing to open the control panel and change the setting that is.
In other words, no, you cannot use it to watch TV while specifically playing a game that utilizes GPU accelerated PhysX with the GTX 260 dedicated to such. Other than that it should work fine if you just don't have it dedicated to PhysX in the settings when it's not needed for such.


You can switch between physics on GPU or on CPU. Setting physics to CPU will free up the extra video card.

Rember the clasic nvidia control panel that had a hotkey option. I used to use S+L+I all at the same time to turn SLI on and off so I could swtich between 1 focus screen and 3 screens quickly. (now adays you can run 3 screens even with SLI enabled so my example is sort of poor).

If the control panel still had that option you could set one where the 250 is a physics card, and one where physics is CPU based and the 250 is a secondary.


Mar 16, 2010
Oh well that I knew!! I thought you were talking about a way for it to STILL be dedicated to physx and run a monitor, that's why I was so confused.

Yeah, you can have two GPU's not running in SLi that independently drive monitors.