Question Monitor out of range when I try to play Star Wars BF2 (PC)

May 31, 2019
I've been posting on every single PC-related forum I could find but found no solution.

My problem is that whenever I try to open and play the game it opens up just fine, however the monitor then goes blank and tells me 'D-Sub Out of Range 67.5khz 60hz'. Monitor is 1366x768 by the way.

I'm assuming this means that the game is attempting to launch in a higher resolution than the monitor, which it cannot display.
The suggestions I've tried:
-Restarting PC
-Adding -w or -window to the target in the shortcut's properties
-putting -w or -window in the launch command lines in Origin, the launcher for the game
-Pressing Alt+Enter when the game opens in effort of making it go into windowed mode

None of the above have fixed my

I was also told that the control panel for the gpu might have some settings in it that need "tweaking" to make it work.

Another point is that my monitor only has a VGA port, and so I'm using a hdmi to VGA adapter to connect my gpu to the monitor.

Some miscellaneous info about specs if that might matter:

Ryzen 3 1200
AMD RX 570 4gb Nitro+
Gigabyte A420M-S2h
Crucial BX500 120gb SSD
WD BLACK 1TB 7200rpm

I really hope anyone can help me I've been scavenging the internet for data about this issue and haven't got my problem fixed and I'd be forever grateful for any info you can give me.



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