Sep 19, 2011
My new monitor won't display the startup screens when I boot the computer. Instead I get an "Out of Range" message. The first screen that displays is the log on. This monitor has both DVI and VGA inputs. My graphics card has a DVI output. Using an adapter to connect the monitor's VGA input resolves the problem. While using VGA I hit F8 and selected VGA Mode. I also made certain the refresh rate was set to 60 hz. But switching back to DVI brings back the problem of no startup screens on boot up. This monitor is a ViewSonic VA2232wm. Just prior to this one I tried an Asus monitor with DVI input only and returned it because of the same problem. My old monitor - a 4-yr-old Envision with DVI input only -never had this problem. My OS is Win 2K Pro. The graphics card is a Radeon All-In-Wonder with a DVI output. Any ideas on why this monitor displays the startup screens in VGA mode, but not in DVI?

Another possibility occurred to me: My old monitor - which I bought at Office Depot - didn't have this problem and this is the second new monitor with the same problem. I bought both new monitors at I've read that Walmart tends to dictate pricing to its suppliers. Maybe the suppliers route their less than perfect components to the "low bidder." Has anyone had similar problems (works, but doesn't work right) with electronics from


try booting into safe mode using dvi and make sure the refresh rate really is 60Hz, save, exit and reboot normally.

edit reread the op, and now i'm confused.. so you dont get the POST screens to show up but windows logon etc shows up normally? If this is the case then it has nothing to do with the settings in windows, rather some 'advanced' BIOS setting that forces the refresh rate out of range... (though I've never heard of setting like that)