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Question Monitor & Peripherals shut down randomly

Mar 24, 2020
So its happening from the last 2 days that during usage monitor shuts down randomly with NO HDMI signal on screen. With that, keyboard and mouse rgb also stop giving display. This happens randomly, sometimes in-game and sometimes during normal use. However, CPU stays active with all fans spinning, rgb etc.
I have to cut power and restart my pc in order to regain display on monitor and peripherals to start working again.

I can't seem to diagnose the issue here. Looking for possible solutions. Thanks!
Jun 2, 2020
I have the same problem, monitor and keyboard shuts down, fans still working. I´ve tryed to clean dust, apply thermal paste and switch ram sticks 1 by 1 but still happens.

I have another PSU but it does not fit so i could try connecting and let it be outside box...

The thing is, it happens while idle, or working on word but never when playing LOL, when it is supposed to load cpu and gpu. So I try to minimize LOL while working with word and chrome, and It worked. It works too 4 hours Idle with LOL minimized... I don´t understand why but... may be a solution