Question Monitor problems. Ghosting?

Jun 10, 2019
I just bought a new monitor, the EG 27" Gaming Monitor QHD 144hz 1ms and a 5m DisplayPort cable. However, I have some issues. The main problem that I have is that when I scroll on websites, the text leaves behind a green replica of itself (I think that this is called ghosting?) The ghosting is only there for a fraction of a second and it stops when I stop scrolling. It almost looks like a drop-shadow effect in Photoshop.
I've tried changing back to 60hz, disabling Freesync (using gsync on a 1060)
Another one is that the monitor has shown artefacts once and coloured lines, though I may be imagining this.
Finally, I have never used 144hz as I have always denied it but I can not see any difference at all, I've changed back to 60hz multiple times, but I can't see any difference on desktop or games.
Anybody have any ideas?
Many thanks.
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