Question Monitor purchase help, best warranty between AOC vs Acer vs Viotek?

prac daske

Mar 11, 2016

After an exhaustive comparison of several options for a good monitor with 144hz and FreeSync (Gsync compatible now) under $200. I reduced to these two options:

-AOC G2590FX 25" currently 199.99 at Amazon

-Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24" at 199.99 sometimes even less

My main concern is about the quality of the brands and their warranty support throughout the globe since I'm not in the US but I will order the monitor to get shipped to where I am.
I have been told that Viotek has one of the best warranty support for their monitor, if I pick that brand I would go for the GN24CB VA.

Should I go for the Acer or the AOC?Any experience with of any the brands mentioned would be really appreciated.

tl;dr Which brand (AOC, Acer, Viotek) has a great user experience reviews on their products and better warranty support for someone shipping a monitor outside the US?
I don't want to rain on your party, but shipping of whatever back to USA from whenever will cost as much as your monitors, so I would just assume that your monitor will work for as long as it works. I would rather check what is being sold in your home market, and compare prices . warranties there.