Monitor question with video card




can anyone recommend a good sized monitor that is large enough to harness two 4870x2 video cards?
I am on a budget.. I cant afford a grand, and was told recently that I can get away with a 26-28 inch monitor that is capable of high resolutions as opposed to going with a 30".

I got this pc as a gift back in july a core i7950 with 6 gig ram, 2 4870x2 video cards totaling I think it is 4 gigs of video memory..
runs anything rather well, but I was told by a friend that while the games run well, to see the real potential of these cards, I would need to go much higher in resolition..higher than 1680 x1050.
He told me playing games at this res isnt a bad thing, but im not tapping into the horsepower of the radeon..

so any suggesitons for high res monitors?

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