Question Monitor ramdomly briefly losing signal


Aug 6, 2014
My monitor only has displayport out in and I have a GTX 970 with displayport output.

The monitor randomly loses signal between less than a second to a few seconds. The monitor is still powered on.

What I've tried:

  • Connected my laptop to my monitor and didn't experince any cut outs in the space of about an hour.
  • Moved the GPU to a different PCIE lane
  • Uninstalled my GPU driver on hardware manager and updated using GeForce Experince (clean install)
What's strange is I experienced this yesterday, but not when I'm playing games. I used my PC like normal this morning and experienced no cut outs.

I've ordered a new cable which'll arrive tomorrow. My new cable and my exisiting one are certified by DisplayPort.

Hopefully it's the cable. If not it's likely the GPU as it'll be getting on for 4 years old after pretty consistant use.

Just looking for any ideas. Updating BIOS I could try and resetting CMOS. But I'm confused why it has periods where it doesn't cut out at all.