Question Monitor randomly loses signal

Nov 6, 2018
Good day,
My monitor randomly loses signal, I have to turn it off then on to regain the signal.
My GPU driver is the latest version. I connected our TV to the GPU as a second display for videos/movies it does not lose power or signal only the monitor. I reformatted my PC. Is it the monitor, the GPU or some other? BTW I have not installed Intel VGA Driver is it necessary if I have a GPU? Thanks.

gtx 17070
2x8gb ddr4 2666mhz
620w psu bronze rated m12 seasonic
512gb nvme
4x3.5" hdd (8TB)
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Mar 4, 2023
I and other people have this issue too. Somebody stated to have had this after switching / rma'ing gpu's twice. So it's not a gpu related issue. But we still don't have a fix. That guy also said a temp fix is to just reduce clock and memory speeds by 300-500 mhz below stock.