[SOLVED] Monitor randomly shows No Signal

Oct 16, 2020
Sometimes when I turn on my pc there are no problems. But mostly when I turn it on my monitor detects no signal. To fix it I either reset my pc or I unplug my power supply and switch DisplayPorts on my GPU. This "solution" might work and might not. Eventually (in 99% cases) I succeed in turning on my pc (after 1 or 19 tries). However this is really annoying to just unplug it multiple times. I have no clue what could be the problem

My specs:
Monitor - Acer xf240h (using DisplayPort)
CPU - Intel i5-8600k
GPU - Gigabyte gtx 1070 windforce2
MoBo - ASRock Z370 pro4
PSU - NeoTEC Magnus MG-700W
RAM - 2x8gb RipJaws V 3200MHz
Cooling - Cryorig H7 Universal
HDD - Toshiba P300 2tb (or some <Mod Edit> xd)
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