Question Monitor Randomly Shows Right Side on the Left side of Screen


Mar 17, 2017
I recently connected an LG 29" UltraWide IPS display to my Dell work laptop and have it on extended desktop mode. The strangest thing will happen to me though where the monitor screen will be fine one second and then all of a sudden where the image on the screen/window will shift to the right. For example, I'll have Skype for Business open in full screen mode for a meeting and the "X" close button will randomly move to the left side of the screen (~2" from the left most bezel). And then right next to the "x" is the left side of the Skype for business window (i.e. "File, Edit, etc, taskbar). I have to undo the extended display and re-do it each time for it to reset itself. it is incredibly bizarre, and I can't seem to figure out how it works.

i'll try to illustrate what my monitor is doing (x's represent the left side of the window and y's are the right)

Normal Operation: |xxxyyy|
Issue: |yyxxxy|

My "Monitor 1" works perfectly find throughout all of this and it only happens on the attached monitor. I thought it was a monitor compatibility issue at first, but it's doing it on a regular 1080p 23" LED display as well.