Question Monitor receiving no signal

Jan 8, 2019
The Problem

A month ago I switched out my motherboard, cpu, and ram with Gigabyte x470 Gaming 5, Ryzen 7 2700x and Trident 3200 rgb ram. Everything worked fine until yesterday. When I turn off the power supply switch and switch it back on and try to turn on the computer my monitor would not receive any signal. My computer fans would rev higher and then settle down but the monitor would still not receive any signal. Everything in the case seemed to be lighting up. After a couple of boots, my computer works fine again. Today I received a bsod and after the same issue occurred. It would have to turn the computer on and off many times before my monitor would receive signal again.
I tried checking all connections but nothing seemed loose. Would there be a chance that the motherboard went bad? I hope somebody can help me, I appreciate your help and time.