Question Monitor recommendation (500-600$)

Aug 9, 2019
Hi. I have a Dell 1050p monitor for about 9 years and i already have to retire it. It has black spots, backlight bleeding everywhere and i have some dead pixels.

My idea is to update my PC (i5 2500k, 16GB DDR3, GTX970 ...) from here to a couple of years, I'm no hurry about it. But monitor is already an emergency and i want to start there. I have between 500 and 600 $ to invest on it.

2K or 4K? Will a 2K fall short for a future graphic card update? Monitor is for a general use. I don't need a gaming one, because i play very little and huge Hz doesn't matter to me. I want it to be general purpose, with special emphasis on colors, because i edit photos and use a lot of photoshop. I always prioritize panel quality (i think IPS still the best , right?) to anything else.

In short, i'm looking for an all-purpose monitor to play games (in a casual way, without HDR or 120Hz), which displays a really good colors (for viewing and editing photos and videos) and a 27'' maximum (i visualize it about 90 cm distance approx.). 16: 9, nothing extra-panoramic, curved or things like that. To use a lot of web browser.

I trust Dell a lot, but i'm open to any brand, if it's worth it. I want something really good that lasts me another 9 years. Something that reaches that top of 600$ and give the greatest possible benefits for image, video and game.


Feb 27, 2014
I just picked up a dell S2716DGR . Its a 1440p (2k) 144hz monitor with Gsync. Its an incredible monitor and well worth the price especially if you plan on upgrading to a newer nvidia card that has gsync capability (not sure if 970 does). 2k is here to stay more games support 2k than 4k as well. If you go 4k its going to be hard to hold FPS above 144 if you prefer the smoothness of 144hz.