Question Monitor recommendation for around $200-$250 ?


Jul 22, 2015
Hey everyone, I'm torn between these few monitors so I was hoping you could help me choose or at least share your opinion with one of these next monitors:


- Iiyama G Master Red Eagle G2470HSU-B1 165Hz 1ms

- Acer RG241YP 165Hz 1ms

- Acer VG240Y S NITRO VG1 165Hz 2ms

- Acer XF243YP 144Hz 0.5ms

- HP X24ih 2W925AA 144hz 1ms

- Asus VP249QGR 144Hz 1ms

- MSI Optix G241 144Hz 1ms

I'll use my monitor primarily for coding and content watching and occasional e-sports gaming but for the little amount of gaming that I'll do, I don't want to get a $500 1440p godlike monitor. By the way all these monitors are priced about the same where I live and they're the only viable options since we have a small range of offer.

Out of all these current monitors, MSI Optix G241 seems like the best option. Based on tests and reviews it has the least amount of motion blur, overshoot, ghosting and wide color gamut which I really appreciate. Now, I've heard that that monitor comes with a factory defect where it has a yellow tint on the side of the display on a white background. I really don't want that and it's a huge deal breaker.

I'd include AOC 24G2U as well but they've changed the panel type that they use so I'm very produces less vibrant colors and has a worse contrast. I'd be a no brainer if it weren't for the switch.