Question Monitor Refresh Rate feels lower than it is

Nov 18, 2022
Hello People, I hope everyone of you is having a wonderful day!

Last week I’ve reinstalled my Nvidia drivers, and as it goes both my Monitors were reset to 60 hertz. My monitors are a BenQ XL2546(240hz) and an ASUS VG248QE(144hz).

I made the upgrade from 60->144->240 a long time ago, so everytime my monitors were reset to 60hz I just dismissed the borderline slideshow as me being just used to higher refresh rates and didn’t really bother with it apart from setting the correct refresh rate for each monitor.

Now recently I started taking a CAD Course at my uni. They are using Okay-ish hardware with generic 60 Hertz office displays.

I didn’t really think about it a whole lot until I recently, as mentioned above, reinstalled my graphics drivers. Compared to the monitors at my Uni both my monitors at home have absolutely horrendous performance. Moving the mouse feels like watching a 15 FPS Video. Watching videos/streams feels like looking at 30 FPS maximum. Using the same CAD software at home with a much more powerful pc (but monitors set to 60hz) is possible, but really unpleasant compared to my uni. Now my issue with that is, that the higher refresh rates don’t feel that good either. The 144hz settings is only slightly better than the 60hz displays at my uni.

Ive already tested a few cables with no improvement.
Tested were:

-generic dp cables that came with the monitors
-2 different, certified dp cables
-generic hdmi cable I found in my drawer
-2 high quality hdmi2.0 cables
-DVI cable

I really don’t know if it’s a hardware or software issue, I’ve tried a ton of different Nvidia driver versions without any improvements.


B450 Tomahawk Max
R7 5800x
MSI 1080ti Gaming x trio
2x8 ballistix 3600mhz sticks
Rm750x psu

currently there’s no possibility for me to test another gpu, I might be able to get my Stone Age laptop working to test it, but I’m not sure about that yet.

Is my GPU faulty? Are my monitors faulty? I’ve googled quite a bit, but didn’t really find any useful advice yet and I’m really hoping you guys can change that.

Thankful for any Ideas/Suggestions!

Best Regards