Question Monitor repeatedly goes into power saving mode upon bootup with new PC build.

Oct 22, 2019
Hello everyone! Here's my system specs:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 3.6GHz
GPU: MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2x8) DDR4-3000 Memory
Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE ATX AM4 Motherboard
Power Supply: Corsair RMx (2018) 850 W
Monitor: Dell E2311H 23" 1920x1080

Here's my problem: I just built this computer last Friday and have not been able to use it once due to the monitor staying in power saving mode on startup. I can't see anything. I can't access the BIOS settings to change or configure anything since I am not able to see anything. I do not even have windows installed yet. I have taken out the RAM and reinstalled it into their slots. I have also tried installing them into different RAM slots but to no avail. I have checked where I have plugged in all my cables to see if they are in the appropriate spots (PCI goes into graphics card, CPU into the pins labelled CPU, etc), which they are. The only part that I am not confident about (this is only the second time I have built a computer) is the part labelled "F_Panel." I can list what I have plugged into what if needed. I have taken out the graphics card and reinstalled it. Still to no avail.

The monitor itself is working on my other computer. I can list its system specs if needed. I am able to press the buttons on the right and choose if I want to connect using VGA or other available options. The monitor is also not telling me "no signal" but rather just says that it is going into power save mode when I start my computer up. I have tested my other (and much older) monitor and it also goes into power save mode but doesn't give me the error that it is receiving no signal.

The MSI Radeon 5700 XT does not support VGA. Instead, it has 3 Displayports and one HDMI port. So I have been using a VGA-Display Port adapter. I have not been able to get the adapter to work for either of my monitors on either of the computers I have. I have tried all three Display Ports available. So maybe I just have faulty equipment or my monitors do not support it. I am going to Best Buy tomorrow to get a VGA-HDMI adapter and try it on the last available port which is the HDMI port. I'll update everyone on what happens.

TLDR; Monitor in power save mode on startup for new PC but works fine on other PC. Won't get out of power save and using Display port adapter does not work. Uninstalling and reinstalling RAM and graphics card has not worked. Going tomorrow to get a HDMI adapter.