Question monitor resets everytime i open screen ?

Feb 19, 2021
its quite hard to explaine, but everytime i open my asus monitor just like any normal person would do, i get the ping sound when a new device is conected to the computer and it switches all my windows from my other monitor to this one like it just got reset. Also get a discord message saying a new device is connected to use the inbuilt speakers, but the only thing ive done is turn the screen on... any help? nothing about this anywhere on google.


Explain "everytime i open my asus monitor": do you mean turning it on, setting it up as a second monitor, etc...?

What display setup are you using? "WIN" + "P" > You then choose: PC Screen only, Duplicate, Extend,or Second screen only .....

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

What make and model monitors? (One Asus monitor noted.)


I just leave the screens on and have them go into lower power mode when PC is off.

How is everything connected? Does the monitor have anything else on it like a USB device or a audio cable?

The moving of the icons to the screen is because it's set as the main screen. You may be using the computer and screens in some odd way that is not saving the settings for the main monitor. With both monitors on set whatever you want as the main screen, make sure the icons go there. Then do a Shut Down on the computer. When you turn it the icons should be on the main screen. If the screen does not get saved, move the video cables between the monitors, the system may be trying to set the first screen it detects as the main which should not really be happening.